How To Begin Exercising With The Help Of Bingo

Conditioning oneself for a workout is definitely one of the most difficult tasks when somebody is starting their training sessions. According to experts, many people struggle in staying motivated for exercise due to multiple reasons; some people think that workouts are just too difficult while some others believe that they cannot take time out of their busy schedules for exercise. All such issues are nothing but normal to be expected when somebody is trying to fit in something new in their routine because the real struggle is moving out of the comfort zones. However, for many people, the struggle also includes cluelessness; not knowing how to start and where to start from because undertaking tasks beyond one’s own capacity might not only backfire but can be harmful for health also.

It is a great idea to begin with simple and small workout sessions. However, working out with same exercises can become quite monotonous and boring if continued for a long period. While the experts suggest avoiding monotonous sessions in order to stay motivated. Therefore, for avoiding the ‘boring’ element from daily exercises, Exercise Bingo is just the right choice.

Though many people may fail to figure out that a game often selected by older people can actually help them get fit and healthy but, the number of people opting for bingo has significantly increased since a past few years. Many fitness centers and gym facilities has started encouraging their members to workout with Fitness Bingo- a game that challenges the player to perform various exercises for getting a Bingo. Earning currency in the game keeps the players motivated and lets them use them in centers.

Starting off with simple and small workouts, but with regularity is essential. In broader terms, the exercises can be divided into three major categories for those who are willing to begin a workout routine. These categories include:

Warm up

More vigorous exercises

Wind down

The official website for Bingo also provides a page called ‘Tone Up’ that focuses on the benefits of exercising on regular basis. Following can be considered as how to get going with Bingo.


Warming Up

  • Seated leg raises- 20 times
  • Secret hand shake- 20 times
  • Shoulder shrugs- 20 times

More Vigorous

  •  Chair dips- 20 times
  •  The first pump- 20 times
  • The seated crunch- 20 times

Wind Down

  •  The fab ab squeeze- 20 times
  • The silent seat squeeze- 20 times
  •  Spinning arm circles- 20 times

Make a list of five exercises that you are comfortable in performing for each of the above 3 categories and use the online bingo card generator where you can put in the exercises and label each category’s items from 1 to 5. At beginning of the day before starting workout, roll a die. Take note of exercise that is corresponding to the rolled number; rolling a 6 earns the user a free pick over exercise. Repeat this for each of the categories until exercises for warming up, vigorous and winding up are obtained. As a person continues building their workout habit, they can slowly

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