Re-Growing Hair tips | dermaroller baldness

Re-Growing Hair tips | dermaroller baldness

Re-Growing Hair tips | dermaroller baldness Derma Rollers (micro-needling) triggers the wound healing process of the body. Research studies show that the wound healing may stimulate production of proteins and therefore may result in development of the new hair follicles. It can also stimulate blood circulation resulting in increased supply of nutrients to the follicles and lead to hair growth.

Re-Growing Hair tips | dermaroller baldness

Micro-needling Derma Rollers tips

Size of the selected needle depends on the quantity of hair left on the head. This treatment method for hair re-growth requires shorter needles as compared to when micro needling is selected for the collagen treatments.

If the hair is sparse, like in men who shaved the remainder hair as they lost most of them, the usage of 1.0 mm and 0.25 mm rollers is recommended.

While for the treatment of women having thinning of hair but their remainder hair is very long, the usage of derma stamp is usually preferable to roller. How to Bleach Dark Hair It will prevent the remainder hair from getting caught and pulled during the process.

When a roller is planned to be used, the hair should be wet prior to the treatment for decreasing the chances of hair getting caught in the machine and for helping it remain flat. The roller should be used only in one direction as it will also avoid hair from getting caught in roller.

The usage of derma stamp requires more time as compared to the roller because ensuring that each section of head has been covered becomes more important.

Application of products like Rogaine, Copper Peptide, or Minoxidil is required before needling the scalp. The products like Rogaine are usually applied topically for fixing hair loss because they inhibit effects of DHT that has directly been linked with hair loss. The best thing to do is to start with 2% Minoxidil instead of 5% as higher concentration may cause irritation. Whereas, Copper Peptide stimulates growth of new follicles.

People who are attempting the treatment of hair loss by themselves at home must realize that the restoration of hair is a continuous and on-going process and will require regular usage of the treatment or products for achieving desired results. It will also help them avoid hair loss in future by keeping the quality of hair as thick and full as possible. Re-Growing Hair tips | dermaroller baldness

Micro-needling Derma Rollers Techniques

There are a few techniques which can be selected for maximizing the chances of hair re-growth. Such techniques are listed below as:

1. Massage the product for hair restoration onto the scalp directly for ensuring full coverage.

2. Make use of the micro needle roller or the derma stamp starting from the front side of head where the hair line begins and then move towards the backside of head slowly and gradually.

3. Repeat the procedure by starting from the front and ending at the back until all areas of head are properly covered.

4. Stamp or roll each and every area at least 10 or 15 times for ensuring absorption of the product along with its adequate coverage on head. Re-Growing Hair tips | dermaroller baldness

5. Now apply Hair Restoration Spray at the treatment area once again and then slowly massage it gently into scalp.

Derma rollers have the potential to lead significant improvements in terms of hair growth for people who are worried about bald patches and excessive hair fall. Re-Growing Hair tips | dermaroller baldness

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