The Consequences Of DUI That Nobody Will Tell You About

It is a known fact that effects and consequences of driving under influence of drugs and alcohol are always bad. Ranging from minor to severe, they may lead to death as well. Not only that, the driver may be charged with DUI. It is a criminal offense of serious nature and stays with the charged person through their life. The DUI has its own consequences and following are a few of them that no one generally mentions:

Jail Time

Many people assume that penalty for DUI is only a fine. But it can sometimes be turned into a jail time. Obviously it majorly depends on U.S. state in which the offense has been carried out. However, approximately half of U.S. states have certain DUI punishments that lead to jail time even when it is the first time for an offender. Though sometimes the jail time is as limited as one day but it may increase if it is a 2nd or 3rd DUI. In certain situations, the offender might have to pay the fine and serve jail time altogether. So basically, DUI is not as easy as it seems for people who think that they will get away with just a fine.

Trackers for the offender’s car

Almost each and every DUI offender will be needed to have the Ignition Interlock Device installed in their car before they are allowed to hit roads back again. The Ignition Interlock Device is capable of detecting alcohol just like the breathalyzer does. The offender will have to breathe into this device for becoming able to start their car. However, if the device detects alcohol in their breath, then they will not be allowed to start their car. Furthermore, the car driver also needs to continue breathing into this device at different intervals for ensuring driving without any drugs or alcohol consumption.

Interstate consequences

In older days, the offenders were capable of getting away with the DUI conviction if they shifted to another state. However nowadays, it is not possible. The National Drivers Registry and Driver’s License Compact helps preventing such incidences from happening. So, if somebody commits a DUI offense in one state now, it will be listed on all police stations’ computers across the country.

Strained family life

If somebody commits a driving offence, it won’t only affect them but the entire family, particularly when it’s a DUI. Many people worry about the DUI offenders and for some, it is a very out of character kind of act for somebody to get a DUI. It may put some strain on the offender’s relationship with their close ones also because many people start asking questions about the incident which is disturbing for the loved ones.

Therefore, getting a DUI is not something that should be taken lightly or ignored, but best avoided. It may affect the entire life of an individual along with many other people’s life who are close with them. So instead of risking own and other people’s life it is better to avoid driving under influence of drugs and alcohol at all costs.

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