What Your Kitchen Décor Tells About Your Personality

When a person enters into somebody’s kitchen, they immediately get an idea about the home owner’s personality based on colors and Kitchen Décor. While some people are expert on judging somebody’s personality by just having a look at the kitchen, many people wonder which things in kitchen may reflect the personality and how can they improve their kitchen’s look so that it can interpret their personality in the most appropriate way. The home design experts often can guide about this subject and some of the following ideas will help in discovering what the kitchen says about their owner and how they can alter it express their different side of personality.

Light Blues And Greens

From wasabi green colored dish towels to light blue pans, to a green and aqua backsplash, decorating the kitchen with shades of green and blue tells other that the owner has a tranquil and relaxed disposition. The guests will immediately feel content and peace as soon as they step inside such a kitchen in anybody’s house.

Eye-Catching And Bold Colors

Decorating a kitchen with the bold colors like gold, red and royal purple tells the visitors that the owner is an outgoing person and a creative thinker. Those who want to reflect their outgoing nature in this manner should try using royal purple dish towels, vibrant blue backsplash, shimmery gold pots and bright red rug to make an impression on their guests.

Ethnic-Inspired Palate

Decorating the kitchen with khaki, teal blue and bright yellow color dish towels along with Spanish-style decorations tells the guests that the home owner is an inspired and a cultural being. Select utensils along with a tile backsplash that features the ethnic-inspired palate for showing off the love for immersing and exploring various cultures.

Messy And Disorderly

If a kitchen is in a condition of disarray with dishes lying in the sink, dirty pots on stove, papers lying around and crumbs on dining table, it tells the guests that the owner lives a hectic lifestyle and gets no time to relax. Cake Delivery in Lahore However, it gives out a bad impression as well. So if somebody has a fully cluttered kitchen, they should take out at least 30 minutes from their tough schedule to clean up kitchen and make it look a little organized. By doing so, the house owner can make their future guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Metallic And Chrome Finishes

If a person has stainless refrigerator and stove and backsplash featuring some mixed metals, then the kitchen will tell visitors that the owner is a confident s person and driven by success.

Black And White

If a kitchen has white cupboards, black counters, black & white dish towels and black pots, it gives out an impression that the house owner is a sophisticated and confident person.

Though the interior and décor of kitchen can tell a lot about the personality of the house owner, there are other areas of house also where the personality and taste can be reflected through like interior of living room and dining area.

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