Why Teaching English In China Is A Good Idea

 Teaching English In China Is A Good Idea As one of the world’s highly populated country, plus being the one that recognizes their large global economy footprint, China is a place with great opportunities for the ESL teachers. The youth of China is raised knowing the importance of English language and it is a widely approved notion that an ability to speak English fluently can increase chances of better paying jobs and other opportunities abroad.

However, most of the Chinese teachers teach English in their own native tongue. And this is becoming a problem for Chinese educational system therefore the Chinese schools have a huge demand of foreign teachers from abroad.

While the demand of English teachers in China is not going to end anytime soon, there are multiple benefits for the foreign teachers for teaching English in China. For instance, good salary packages in combination with the low living costs form a good deal for teachers opting to live in China than many other developed countries.

How much does a teaching job pay in China?

The expected salary for teachers teaching English in China is between 6000 to 16000 RMB which sums up to around $942 to $2500. However, those teaching English at international schools can earn around 30,000 RMB. The lower end salary packages are for smaller areas like Sichuan and Henan while the higher end salary packages are for most populated areas like Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai, because of the higher living costs in these areas.

Besides, on top of the salaries, many educational institutions also provide their teachers with benefits like flight allowance or reimbursement, paid sick leaves, paid holidays, furnished local apartments, health insurance (after an essential medical checkup), cost-free Mandarin Chinese lessons, and legal Z work visa.

Public Schools

The pay scale for teaching English in public schools is a little lower in comparison with private schools. Being an employee of a public school in China, the teacher will be working under Chinese government. The public schools requires between 16-25 hours per week, though a teacher could be teaching multiple skills levels in the same school or in different schools at the same time. Typically, the teacher will earn between 6,000 and 10,000 RMB.

Whereas as the perks for teaching in government schools include a Monday-Friday teaching schedule plus guaranteed national holidays. The complete packages for teaching English in public schools also may include a modest apartment and a paid vacation.

Private Language Institutes

These institutes pay between 6,000-16,000 RMB to their teachers. There is an increase in salary packages as compared to public school sector depending upon the level of education, years of experience, type of certificate/education, and prestige. Most of the well-known language institutes offer free accommodation, visas, insurance, flight reimbursements, and paid vacations.


Both private and public universities offer decent salary packages ranging from 7,500 to 10,000 RMB, light workload, free time, airfare benefits and housing. While the ESL teachers are required to work around 20 hours, plus 3 to 5 hours for preparation, and like other professors, the teachers do not need to stay in school in off hours.

International Schools

These schools offer very handsome salary packages starting from 12,000 up to 30,000. Teachers are required to have a teaching certificate from home country and will be needed to teach around 40 hours a week. The responsibilities of job do not differ much from the primary and secondary school teachers in U.S. however the pay is much higher.

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